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Marcia Quinn Noren

I've seen a drastic reduction in the number of FB fans REACHED by my posts. How has FB determined WHICH of my fans will see my posts?

They started this for one reason...they want us to PAY to reach fans who have liked our pages!

It began simultaneously with THEIR STOCK GOING PUBLIC, and they need those shareholders to gain an income.

WHY hasn't their been a unified revolt?

John Doe

Marcia: It has always been that way. Also before the IPO. You're on a 3. party platform and they dicide whats going to happen. Thats why your own website is so important!


as far as I'm concerned, I lost far less than 1% (guess I'm not moved by a lady gaga promo company...well she lost far more than my actual numbers, actually)... Fb is weird considering the post reaches, on the other hand everybody is still there at the moment... so let's go for it as long as we can share our musics... ;)


Marcia and John your missing the point. This is not about facebook taking anything away from you that you have rightfully gained. This is about facebook cracking down on people gaining "unnatural" likes by such means as paying for them etc. What good does it do your company or fanbase if you have fake made up fans in a third world nation that are not engaging with your brand just to get your numbers up. Do it the legal, right way and facebook won't shut down your page.


I have 156 likes and 1 download sale. Yeah!

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