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UPDATED NEWS: CMA Nominees, Apple Event 9/12, Facebook App Controversy, Yamaha Launches Label & More A Musician's Mobile Business Card

Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 9.18.06 AMConsidering how heavily saturated today’s music space is these days, just getting people’s time of day is, needless to say, challenging. While earning the attention of potential fans is tough enough, imagine getting the time of day from bloggers, managers and other industry professionals who are constantly bombarded with submissions every day. Too often, musicians unintentionally place barriers that prevent industry professionals from going through a smooth process of discovery, appreciation and contact, which is why Indie Ambassador has been hard at work building their product – a cross-platform portfolio web app. dubs itself as “a professional portfolio solution for the music industry” and officially launches into public beta today. is essentially a mobile-optimized marketing tool that allows musicians and music professionals to organize and share their work in a clean and easy to access web app.

Key features include storage for downloadable files including press releases, biographies, stage plots, logos, and photos; individual privacy settings and expiration dates to protect unreleased and time-sensitive media and files; a WINS section summarizing key achievements; and full integration with SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo that create a single and digital deliverable. Everything is managed from a centralized dashboard which houses multiple portfolios under a single login and is accessed and shared via one, mobile-ready personalized URL (

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“The way we interact and network has evolved,” said Indie Ambassador CEO Ben Maitland-Lewis. “We identified a need for a tool that would provide a one-stop, on-the-go solution for our peers to manage and promote their professional identities - a digital business card for the 21st century.” offers a two-tiered subscription model. Their “Starter” option provides one free Presskit with unlimited WINS and SoundCloud sync, while the “Pro” offering provides 10 mobile-ready Presskits with 1GB of file storage, private media and file sharing, unlimited WINS, and SoundCloud sync and is available now at a limited-time offer of $1.99 per month (reg. $9.99). Further product developments include an “Enterprise” account for particular music professionals that will allow bloggers, journalists and venue owners to access a centralized dashboard.

While does have some tough ground to break through with stiff competition from the likes of Onesheet and Bandcamp, it carries a unique take on artist-to-professional promotion (as opposed to artist-to-fan) with wise emphasis on mobile. launches into public beta today. Check it out here

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