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Thank you so much for the post Hisham!! Really honored to have Presskit.to included in a Hypebot post. I loved your post on the "30 richest drummers"! I'm a drummer myself in a couple punk & metal bands and it was awesome to see that list! Keep in touch! Let's get you a Presskit as well!


I've been using Presskit.to through the private beta, and it's been a great experience. Ben Maitland-Lewis, Mike Harmon, and the whole Indie Ambassador crew are doing a fantastic job.

For an EPK, Presskit.to is more comprehensive than Onesheet while offering a much cleaner design than Sonicbids. It's become an indispensable tool in my press arsenal.

Jay B

I dont see how Bandamp is their competition...as far as I can see they have a monopoly so far


No monopoly at all. We actually released the first one last week. You can see a sample here: daniellepeck.epk.mobi If you need more info you can get it here: http://www.parlatone.com

Benjamin Wade Inman
Parlatone, Inc.
Nashville, TN


This looks awesome, beautiful design, nice place to redirect your mobile users.


Hey Benjamin!
Congratulations on the launch of epk.mobi! I love healthy competition as well as seeing others in our space working to make the industry better. We actually launched into private beta in March at SXSW with a series of showcases, product demos, and epic live bus sessions. (Presskit.to Bus Sessions: http://indieambassador.com/iatv) & (SXSW recap: http://indieambassador.com/articles/sxsw-12-recap) Since then, we've been growing our beta users and improving the product to get it ready for our public beta launch that happened on September 4th.

I'd love to chat with anyone interested in learning how Presskit.to is different from other direct-to-fan or direct-to-venue solutions out there. Please reach me directly anytime: ben@indieambassador.com or call our office at 1-888-55-INDIE.

Make It happen!

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