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Soundcloud Releases Major iPhone & Android App Updates

image from has released major updates to their iPhone and Android apps that simplify the recording, editing, and publishing process. New app features include:

  • image from soundcloud.wpengine.netdna-cdn.comPause & resume recording -- ideal for taking voice notes, recording song ideas, or splicing together longer audio segments.
  • Trim - cut down your recordings to the size you want from the edges
  • Improved Waveform image Graduated colors show the real time inflection of voice, and reflects sound volumes around you including before you start to record
  • Tips: A new tip pop up before one hits record
  • ‘Private Listening’ mode - listen to audio through the headset speaker, as if taking a phone call.  (iPhone-only for now)
  • Fade in/fade out option (Android-only right now)
  • More here.