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We've been testing out their service for coverage on our website. It has been an enjoyable experience thus far.

Simone Alves

We've tested it too, for our album release (free version), it's an interesting service, very professional, and although we're located in Istanbul and it only links to North American professional, we got interesting contacts.

What is interesting, is the high level of professionalism that surrounds the concept: no possibility to access others account, for "friendship", for "hi there". Which means, once your profile and your dispatch are created, if they are catchy enough, you'll get contacted by journalists. But it's not a place for a time-consuming so called networking.

So... try it !


wanna say that this really is extremely useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.


I'm researching about satisfaction of transportation users too. This website and this post in particular is very helpful.

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