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The 10 Most Read Hypebot Stories Last Month

Top-10Did you miss anything? From finding out who the world's top paid DJs and drummers are, to learning from artists who are being taken to new heights through the digital sphere, the month of August had a lot to offer. Below are the top 10 most read posts last month.

#1 Alex May showed us how American progressive metal band Periphery embraced new technologies that provided them with new ways to meet, work, and live in the digital music era.

READ: Periphery Sets Model For Modern Metal Bands

#2 A $300 million net worth? Not bad for banging the drums. We gave you a complete rundown of the 30 highest paid drummers in the world.

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#3 We pulled together our own recommendations, as well as those of our readers, to compile a list of the brightest music industry minds on Twitter.

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#4 K-Pop (Korean pop) superstar PSY has broken through the U.S. market for his infectious song and dance video "Gangnam Style". Clyde Smith examines if this a big breakthrough for K-Pop, or merely passing fad.

READ: Is PSY's Gangnam Style The K-Pop Macarena Or The Next Party Rock Anthem?

#5 Hipset takes Facebook's monetization scheme of hiding particular posts from users (in order to entice advertising spends), and turns it into a whole new service.

READ: Hipset Shows You The Music Content Facebook's Been Hiding

#6 Incubus' Brandon Boyd talked about the difference between being on a label in the age of the CD versus today's world as he faces life without a label.

READ: Incubus' Brandon Boyd Embraces Life Without A Label

#7 SoundExchange wants to pay you money! The organization recently released a list of 50,000+ artist and label names that are owed tens of millions of dollars in royalty payments.

READ: SoundExchange Releases List Of Unclaimed Digital Performance Royalties

#8 From 2,000 to 100,00 fans, learn exactly how the digital marketing company Fame House took a relatively unknown electronic music producer named Billy Van to new and monumental heights.

READ: How Billy Van Went From 2,000 To 100,000 Fans [CASE STUDY]

#9 Electronic dance music (EDM) continues its reign of prominence, and some of the scene’s most recognizable names are generating some serious cash. We showed you EDM's top earning DJs.

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#10 Establishing and maintaining an artist's brand is all about adhering to what Hisham Dahud defines as the 3 C's of effective artist branding: Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy.  

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