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Vadio-logoVadio is a streaming music video company that provides a unique service to radio stations. Vadio uses the radio station's music selections to program a stream of music videos on a station's website with additional local content when desired. Results so far have been positive including dramatic increases in viewing time on some sites.

Vadio, which features an assortment of streaming video stations on its homepage, describes itself as turning:

"radio stations into live online video channels. The patent-pending technology detects what song is currently airing live and plays the corresponding music video in real-time...embedded on radio station websites and other digital properties. When there is a talk show, celebrity interview, or sponsored event, stations can also live video stream."

In July Vadio announced its first live customer, STAR 101.5 FM in Seattle.

The presentation on STAR 101.5's site is straightforward featuring a series of music videos from YouTube or VEVO. You don't see VEVO preroll ads so the only advertising at this stage are little Google Ad overlays. I'm not sure whether the Google Ads are for the original content owner or for the Vadio player.

You can stop and restart the videos. As the song changes on the station a new video is available with a highlighted thumbnail.  It plays next or you can click on it to switch videos.

Greg Dunkin took a look at the Vadio platform which is still developing. He explains that "Vadio has the capability to detect and air local content such as personality banter, imaging and commercials." But there are some problems and for the moment stations are featuring just the video stream.

According to Adam DuVander, an "informal advisor to Vadio," the service is powered by use of YouTube's API, Google Analytics API and an agreement with Vevo.

One station program director revealed, "Page views of our listen live page have multiplied by 8 since adding Vadio."

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