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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

I wonder if K'naan can close the gap somewhat, now that his upcoming album "Country God Or the Girl" features cameos from 2 rock music icons. It shall be interesting to see whether this move can lure in some fans of theirs to buy his album. To be honest, I've been curious about it for a while and I will give it a try. But why does the label keep postponing it since May? The buzz has almost died down by now.

Justin Boland

Akon still exists? Wild.


nice blog nice articles as well keep it up


Lill' Kim $18 million - $25mill depending where you look, Missy Elliott. And P diddy has a net worth according to forbes of $580 million and Jay Z $475 million.
50 cent has more virtually everyone on the list has more and Nicki Minaj still has to pay her label back a big chunk before she see's the million this claims.
Did any research go in to this list or is it just pick a number and write.


Oh my bad just realised it's not total net worth oops lol


Yeah exactly this chart is wrong .


Tech9ne has done it all independent so he gets extra respect from me.


GaGa & t-pain have kept him lit.


life is useless

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