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The iPad Mini still has an A5 SoC. Only the flagship iPad (4th Gen) is getting the A6X.

Anyone using an iPad with MIDI controllers (by way of dock connector adapters) will need to add another $30-40 to their investment for an adapter (as you described).

I'd also note that a smaller screen means less real estate for interaction with music production apps - with the iPad Mini, every knob, button, switch, lever, and key will shrink. Complex apps like Korg iMS-20 will only be more difficult to use.


I listen to my kindle as a radio. The new kindle has dolby speakers which sound fabulous. I would like to buy the new ipad mini but am wondering how the sound quality is without the use of headphones or added speakers. Any help out there on this issue?


Very incorrect processor information in this article, as the first commenter pointed out. I hope someone will correct it soon. It's a shame that better research was not done before this article was published.
The iPad Mini is nearly the same as the iPad2, just smaller, but not small enough to place in a pocket, like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, so you are sacrificing screen space, which is important for music creation apps, without getting any better portability.


Spell check much?


I think whether it's the normal size iPad or the iPad mini, the sound clarity of this device is incomparable.

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