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C'mon Kyle, why am I the villian. :>
Howdy Jason.

First, really like Toma.hk; have liked the initiative since I saw it a music-tech conference in SF a few years ago.

That said, you bring up the sname Project Playlist, essentially a service that grew quite rapidly off a--broadly-speaking--a MySpace hack. Once they got consequential enough (and thumbed their nose at the labels for a brief moment), they were essentially litigated out of business.

More broadly you look at companies like Facebook or Twitter. One could argue that communication is better if it were shared between those two platforms and say email or voice for a specific user. Essentially enabling the most personal of media to appear everywhere -- beautiful.

What have these companies does recently? Facebook moved to lower the newsfeed exposure of messages posted to it by third-parties. Twitter clamped down with rate limits on companies accessing both it's read and write APIs.

Toma.hk is probably about, I would surmise, 300K downloads or so at this point. It's not worth the time or effort (or certainly revenue recovery) to litigate. And, like I said (somewhere, forgot where), it's a grandiose and fantastic vision that I hope can expand and navigate the landmine of the music space.

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