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Echo Nest Partners With Deezer, Adds Taste Profiles

image from intelligence platform The Echo Nest has added Deezer to the growing list of partners using it's Rosetta Stone repository of dynamic music data on 30 million songs.The addition of Deezer, the top music service in much of the world, marks a major milestone for Rosetta Stone as the global translator for music's "big data."

The Echo Nest's Rosetta Stone is a data translator for music services that allows developers to summon elements from a variety of sources to include in their apps. The world's social networks, concert databases, lyrics sites, and myriad other musical resources each structure their data about artists and their music in different ways. Rosetta Stone connects these dots, so that Deezer, Twitter, Facebook, LyricFind, EMI, Musixmatch, 7Digital, Spotify, Rdio, Songkick, JamBase, SongMeaning, the Free Music Archive, MusicBrainz and other services can speak the same language on a data level, with powerful implications. 

The Echo Nest also announced the launch of Taste Profile Attributes, which allows services to analyze each user's musical identities from a variety of angles in order to tailor their offerings automatically to each individual and increase engagement.