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Android called Phalange that does actually the same. We developed it about 8 months ago. Unfortunately, we haven't got investment in order to proceed with the project. If you have 100K EUR and want to invest and really cool ideas, let ekholabs guys know about you... so we can share the really innovative ideas and prototypes we have implemented. To name a few: Phalange, myEkho, Hintter, and ekhomusic. EKHOLABS - CONNECTING YOU IN REAL LIFE.


Music on Facebook sucks. I don't care about what my "friends" are listening to. If I did, I'd ask them.

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After reading your post, I am quite clear that why facebook profile can't replace a fan page. Thanks for the informative post. Liked reading it.

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Hai! can you give me more infos regarding investment in EKHOLABS. You can email me hjrozmanAThotmailDOTcom THANKS.

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