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promoted posts are a sham. They're manipulated and posted on foreign accounts. I tried it with a new music video a few weeks ago. Stats said we had over 10,000 "views" yet the video gained about 4K views that week. We had more views with their previous video we released without paying for a "promoted post". It doesn't add up


We have noticed the same thing... promoted posts are inflated with foreign accounts. Facebook needs to solve this. Why is Facebook basically 'selling' fake accounts???

Julia Barry

Thanks for covering this change! Somehow it still seems hidden to lots of folks. I'm quite frustrated by its impact on my own work, and I'm sure many others are as well. I started a petition, hope you'll sign! http://change.org/petitions/keep-facebook-open-to-all-voices-stop-charging-page-owners-to-update-fans


When our EP first dropped we paid fb promotions. What a waste of money! Since it takes a few months for iTunes sales to show up we kept our ad going until sales results rolled in. TOTAL waste of money, we will not be doing that again. If it weren't for our own diligence of spreading the word we would not have made any money off our EP at the start.


If you target US only, it will limit this issue.

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