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Facebook Retargeting: The Stalking Will Continue Until Response Improves

Perfect-audience-logoRetargeting is a powerful advertising tool that includes the ability to track users after they've visited your site in order to serve them ads if they didn't convert. Conversion can range from a music or merch sale to an email list signup. Perfect Audience is now offering a self-service Facebook retargeting program to allow you to target ads at your website visitors as they make their way through Facebook. Stalk much?

Retargeting does have a weird stalkerish vibe but so do most web advertising systems when you look under the hood. The driving force is the understanding that for "conversion" to happen, i.e. any action that you're moving visitors to take from a sign-up to a sale, visitors have to come in contact with your offer multiple times.

So if they visit your site, it might be too soon in the cycle for conversion to occur. Retargeting services like Perfect Audience allow you to maintain a presence in the visitors web flow and can radically increase your prospects for conversion.

If this notion doesn't leave you concerned about your participation in furthering the surveillance society, then Perfect Audience has the program for you utilizing Facebook Exchange:

"Perfect Audience makes Facebook retargeting easy. Marketers can sign up, create Facebook retargeting campaigns in minutes and have their ads go live in hours, not days, without having to go through an enterprise sales process."

"The platform, which also supports web retargeting across more than 100,000 sites, offers a 2-week free trial on your first campaign and requires no minimum spend. Users place a tag on their site that cookies visitors...but instead of serving banner ads across web sites, advertisers serve Facebook ads to lost visitors on Facebook."

Currently such Facebook advertising has a much lower rate than other popular ad platforms with which Perfect Audience works.

It's also designed to anonymize your audience:

"With Perfect Audience Facebook retargeting, a business adds our 'site tracking tag' to their web site code. This tag is completely invisible to visitors and places a unique 'cookie' in their browser that lets the user be anonymously identified as having visited your web site. The users cookied in this way make up what we call a 'retargeting list'."

You can find out more about Perfect Audience Facebook Retargeting but be clear about what you're seeking with such programs. If you are seeking a sale or a sign-up, decide what those are worth to you and judge the results accordingly.

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