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FREE Next Big Sound, NARM Music Analytics Webinar This Thursday 10/18

image from Musicians and music marketers spend an increasing amount of time reaching out to fans on social media.  But what actually works? The answers are found in a daunting mountain of metrics spread across multiple networks. But this Thursday, October 18, 4-5 PM EST, music analytics provider Next Big Sound is offering some advice in a NARM sponsored webinar that's free for Hypebot readers.

image from the webinar, they'll explore the basics of getting started in music analytics and take you on a tour of the tools that help make that possible. Then they'll look at the emerging universe of data science exploring "how social media can incrementally improve sales forecasting, provide intelligence to unlock actionable correlations and predictive analytics", as well as, to help discover emerging artists.

For free access, register here and use code webinar-hypebot00 at checkout.

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