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Artists grovel for tips while Grooveshark pockets 100% of the money from the advertising plastered all over the site. Way to go Grooveshark!

Peanutbutter Jesus

@TJR: Whatever, dude.

Q: Do radio station owners (Clear Channel, Etc.) care about real artists?

A: Clearly not.

The current industry standards are so entrenched in for-profit BS, only characters with mediocre skills and a willingness to sell out (Creed, Justin Bieber) get backed with capital. It's truly a sorry state of affairs.

Q: Who gets most of the $?
A: Old White guys, most of the time.

Q: What does it mean culturally, that the definition of "artist" has become sapped of it's truth and now refers to capitalist robots?

Q: How responsible are any of us for this obvious decline in quality of real art, music, etc.?

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