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In regards to #4-Social over Private, I've been thinking a lot about this lately. When Spotify first integrated with Facebook there was the whole ordeal that everything you listened to on Spotify was being injected into the news feed for all your friends to see. There was a backlash and Spotify countered with adding the "private session" option. People just weren't ready to be publicly displaying to the world everything they were listening to at any moment. People were used to having control over what they wanted to post on the facebook news feed (via status updates, pictures, youtube videos, etc). Spotify took away this control and I as well as many other people weren't ready for it. Now that Spotify has been around for more than a year, I've noticed a change in myself as well as many of my other friends that we are finally getting comfortable with the idea of sharing publicly the music we are listening to. Spotify's vision is starting to finally make sense as I understand now that I really WANT to know what my friends are listening to and hope more and more will start using Spotify so I can see what's popular with my friends and also discover new music (which I have). In the past, before the internet we would ask our friends what they were listening to and for recommendations on new music to check out. In the not so distant past we would put a status update on facebook asking our friends for new recommendations on music and what they've been listening to. Now, we KNOW exactly what they're listening to. It's evolution and it takes time for it to happen and for people to get comfortable with it, but it IS happening slowly but surely.


7. Ripping off musicians is illegal VS ripping off musicians is now fine -- How can you write a summary of how Spotify has changed music without mentioning the fact they don't feel any obligation to share any profits with the musicians who provide their reason for being?? Musicians make pennies from Spotify, while Spotify and the record companies continue to profit.

Taurean Casey

Its just the evolution of "better" solutions. Spotify and other services like it are just the consequence to years of corporate monopolization of music consumption. Who you think created the album concept to begin with?? This was bound to happen sooner or later and yes the younger crowd adapts more easily b/c no they did not grow up thumbing through albums in local record stores.

David Touve e

My only concern is that these trends began more than a decade ago, and yet are attributed to Spotify. Rhapsody offered the same service in 2003. Only the "social" dimension was lacking.

I reckon the situation my be better stated:

How music consumers changed, and finally someone (spotify) benefitted.


"Changed Music"?!?! Gimmme a break. Or go try to write some and see how Spotify factors in. Not a note.

Bad Panda Records

Regarding #2, Jana Hunter's Lower Dens just posted about Spotify and Music Consumption

Tim Dune

Clearly you have no idea how spotify works , considering spotify pays royalties to the musicians based on how many times their song is listened to in exactly the same way a radio station would , infact i would go as far as to say that in todays day and age of illegal downloads spotify and other streaming services are the only hope the music industry has!

Danial Jose

Now you can download mp3 songs from spotify directly via their new launched web player, Using a Firefox addon named cache viewer. I tested it and works with both free and premium accounts!
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This crap about ripping off musicians is getting old already. Truth is that the industry wants you to be shackled to Top 40 and Rap something my Internet Radio station The Legacy http://thelegacyfm.tk tries to help real Classic Rockers break free of as well as Spotify since 1984. Lets let technology evolve and stop allowing the RIAA to brain wash us with what THEY want us to listen to for this is the actual thing that killed the industry since 2003 enough is enough Spotify is changing this and the RIAA can lump it.


Spotify has a larger catalog then Rhapsody. Metallica is available to Spotify which brings in the 25-40 crowd. Spotify is also working hard to bring in Led Zeppelin and The Beatles raking in on the 30-50 yr old crowd who truly enjoys Classic Rock. I've even listened to artists like Captain Beyond on Spotify so no its not exactly like Rhapsody. Its only the unwillingness of record companies that are a part of the RIAA that keeps you locked out of the music you love (not for long).

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