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Hopefully all the physical music is dead people will now focus on clicks and brick distribution strategy since fans seem willing to spend north of 10 bucks again for it.


You raise a lot of interesting questions. The industry is just ALL over the place. I can't say that Swift is a great example of success for other musicians though. I've read too many stories that Swift's father is rich and has used his own fortune to propel her career (to the length of going as far as buying tons of albums himself). Every time I see a major release like this that hits #1 all I can think of are the ways the majors are influencing the numbers to get more press and recognition. Lady Gaga's label did it with the $1 album price on Amazon. The reason why the industry is all over the place is because sales are lower across the board and the majors are either fudging the numbers or manipulating the system to make the people think they're still #1.

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Mumford and Sons sold 600K the first week, then dropped 79% in week two. Hot debut is everything. Just on hypebot yesterday.


A Fool's Paradise

"The Recorded Music Industry As It Existed For Decades Is Dead" isn't quite as catchy a phrase but that's really the issue at hand. The profit-greedy, radio-dominating, artist-abusing juggernaut will never be the same and most consumers and artists will cheer that. The "Music Industry" continues to do just fine as it evolves to meet new challenges same as it always has.

Riley Fields

It's definitely a shame that so many new artists go unnoticed due to mainstream music like T Swift (although I have to say her album was better than I expected.) I try to buy a few new albums every month, mostly unsigned indie bands. This month I bought one from this new band called Treat + Release, which turned out to be the better of the bunch. You guys should check out the main guy's site and give them a listen. www.briandoherty.net


The paradox is that people with good taste who truly care about the quality and art of music steal it without regard for artists getting paid. On the other hand, the unwashed drooling masses who like what the media tells them to like are willing to politely pay for the music from their manufactured idols.
So I suppose that this is just more evidence that hipsters are scum.


What? Paradox? People that know about quality art are more educated and intellectual, therefore increasing their chances that they understand economics. If they understand economics, they will buy.


Oh we got the memo, Taylor is just smart enough to hide messages in her booklet. That makes us all buy the cd. Plus you can get RED with extra's everywhere, extra's not available on iTunes.


Let's not forget macklemore album is off the hook ! 75000 + as indie.



i actually know very few people who only buy singles. as joe biden would say, the claim that we're in a singles world now is "malarkey."


USA TODAY 2011 Year-end Summary: "CD albums sold 26.6 million and 103.1 million downloads."

NPD Research Feb 2012:"Even as Apple's iTunes turms 10 next year, there are still nearly twice as many CD buyers in the U.S."

The hype, lies, and propaganda from Tech are second to none. It's time to call them on it and stop the tech bullys, worse than labels ever were to musicians.


That USA TODAY year-end summary should read 227.5 CD albums and 103.1 mil album downloads sold. Typo mistake in post that I cannot fix?

Access Control

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Jean-Pierre Levac

Actually, songs are now marketing collateral and mainly a loss leader. Artists that keep hoping to make a living selling records are missing the point. The dynamics have changed and artists need to work on building and maintaining their fan base. Fans are willing to spend real money on almost anything band related like special limited vinyls at $100+ a pop. The music industry has evolved, whether you approve on where it is headed or not so as in life you either adapt or die.


This is just ridiculous!
If Papa Swift buy so many millions of albums of her daughter... why isn't ANY PICTURE of that?
Taylor is extremely famous and she has fans from 8 y-o to 55!

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