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Brian Hazard

Great interview! You might want to correct the link though. It should be www.THEforeignexchangemusic.com


Great stuff! Continued success to Nic and the rest of the Foreign Exchange.

Dana Jean Phoenix

Really great article! The line that must be walked in keeping authentic to yourself and what you do, marketing yourself and your art as a brand, and staying engaged with your fan base is hard to walk indeed. Really good to get an actual account of an independent artist who seems to maintaining that balance and being very transparent about it. :) DJP


Guess the best part, imho, is "...an independent artist’s best chance is to stay 100% independent, and that means independence from their audience as well". Nice...

Justin Boland

Great scoop, great read.

Alien Skin

An excellent and insightful appraisal of approaching music production from an independent musicians perspective. Always rewarding to hear real life discussion from someone who is actually doing it right now and fortunately achieving his goals. Always something new to learn.

David Bell Jr.

Nicolay, you have been one of the reasons why our indie group, Block Scholars, submitted a single to the Grammys this year. Knowing we have no chance as well, but your nomination gave us hope as indie artists. Congrats on your success. I have been a fan of your work since the Nicolay & Kay album "TIME:LINE".

David Bell Jr.
Block Scholars


A good read. Thanks Nicolay!

Angel Blasini III

This was a great interview! I share all the same views and perspectives as you Nicolay! Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and insight! Hisham great questions as well!

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