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No Ego Store - Download the latest electronic dance music in MP3 or premium WAV formats for DJing.

Meh, this isn't really news. It's called an affiliate program, and lots of music stores have one.

For example, I found this one a little while back with a similar concept:


And an affiliate system is nothing more than an online multi-level-marketing system that has been around since Moses wore tennis shoes.

Think of Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, Xango, Primerica, Pre-Paid Legal, Tahitian Noni Juice, Ambit Energy and literally thousands more companies.

Many people who have grown to hate it have referred to multi-level marketing as a “Pyramid Scheme”. For a classic and true pyramid scheme in music marketing look no further than Burn Lounge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BurnLounge. Yikes!

Any company that pays me to constantly hound my family and friends to buy stuff so that I can make some coin is at least borderline fucked-up.

Nothing new here!


Sorry, put a period in the link above. You can read about Burn Lounge who the FTC closed down a few years ago as a pyramid scheme. Burn Lounge was well-funded and created a lot of buzz in both the MLM and digital music worlds when they launched. Not saying Monkey Bars is in this class. Just an FYI:


David Sherbow @MusicBiz Guy

I have spent years delving into the internet music business space especially in the area of new artist music discovery. I have watched site after site fail in many cases burning through millions of dollars getting nowhere. Of course, business failure can result from a multiple of things. However, the one thing that remains principal and constant through all of these failures is that there is no true value proposition in any of these sites for users/fans. Eventually, when one site puts more than chump change on the table for fans to engage them they might be surprised at the level of success that can be achieved.

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