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At some point in time artists, bands and labels will have to realize that a digital only is simply not going to cut it and they must adopt a bricks to clicks distribution strategy.


Yeah, but the consumers are never going to realize this since digital is just far too convenient to switch now.

Going back to the old days is a pipe dream.

John Willmott

It does seem making money direct from music production has virtually gone.The only real good source of income now seems to be from events. Even a straight concert, pub gig or art centre gig is not enough. We have to create events and include arranging the food and beverages.

We have found that making sure there is something to eat and drink is the biggest draw ... and then we sell a sort of digipack CD and programme combo and we find that works well.

The days of releasing something and hope we earn a pension from royalties have long gone.

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