New Interscope Site Design Is A Win That Reminds Us Of Major Labels' Fail - hypebot

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But let's be honest... who actually visits a label website?


And you're sure that the artists controls all of their own media???? I'm not and I know its often not the case...


Seems like a lot of work just to placate artist management.

No one goes to a major label website.





But the whole argument that the author is trying to make is that the fact that no one goes to label websites is a symptom of them having poor websites for too long.

Did you read bother to read the article before commenting :) ?


No-doubt-interscope-site This week Interscope Geffen A&M introduced a redesigned website with a contemporary look. But on major label website have to think on it.


Andrew Wiebe

In principal, I think it's a good idea. The Pinterest infrastructure is fine, I don't necessarily think it's a great way to organize information, but it is interesting to see a music specific approach. There are pieces of content that definitely stick out over others, compelling you to check them out. It's also good that you can search artist specific data.

The one issue that I was having is load time. The site is pretty heavy, especially as you scroll down through archived content.

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