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khurram jamil

Ahhhh m too much excited for the New Version Of iTunes


I'm wondering if there's a larger media offering coming in the Winter ... they did a surprise release of the iPad 4 today, so what will they do for their big Winter release?

Maybe it's Apple TV, Apple's streaming radio and an expanded movies and TV shows package alongside the Apple TV set. Just a guess, but licensing is a major issue, so they could have held iTunes back to release it as part of more broad group of stuff.

Tyler Durden

Apple blows. The only thing I wanted was iTunes 11.




Wow... what?
*looks at name of this site*

Oh well, ok then...


itunes 10 is so kak


Apple sux big time as always, soo mch hype n bragging n still they're makin their dear fans wait 4 d most important software wich runs all their i(diot)devices - itunes 11! Such pathetic greedy morons!

Big al

Cunt face joe more like.


wow. Im not sure if write that badly on purpose or not. If not you really should go back and graduate from kindergarden. And fyi I realize you probably hate apple because at your education level all you can afford is windows, but really can't you apple haters come up with something new? It's always hype and greed you complain about, windows would get hype too if they would make a product people got excited about using.

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