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Suzanne Lainson

I used to be involved with sports marketing, so I have a few comments.

1. When I got involved with music marketing in 2001, it was 20-30 years behind sports. For years, music marketing was mostly radio payola. I've also listened to sports marketers responsible to getting fans in the stands for every game. They are far more sophisticated in their marketing than music promoters.

2. Further, sponsorship is much better incorporated into sports than into music. Pre-teen skateboarders, snowboarders, etc. want to be sponsored to prove they are pros. And they know that whenever they are on camera, they should flash their sponsors' logos. They understand that sponsors are the ones paying them, so they work with the sponsors. Athletes and their sponsors have a much more comfortable, integrated relationship than musicians and their sponsors.

3. People underestimate how much gambling drives sports interest. "Fans" may not actually care that much about a sport or a game, but if they put some money on it, they are drawn in.

4. Sports are involved in people's lives in so many more ways than music is:

a. Kids play sports and that becomes a family activity. A family with kids in a sport is likely rearranging its schedule to accommodate practices, games, and camps.
b. At the high school level, teens are vying for college scholarships and that becomes an even bigger family activity.
c. Adults who aren't pro material can still become very involved recreational athletes. They often buy lots of expensive equipment.
d. Some adults are involved in fitness activities. That generates lots of support industries.
e. And you have spectator sports. This is the entertainment business, both live and programming. What drives sports advertising is the belief that it is the best way to advertise to the adult male. Music, in contrast, tends to focus on a younger demographic. And when those fans get a bit older, music shifts to the next group of young fans.


Overheard: "Don't monetize content, monetize fans. NFL knows how to do it but music industry doesn't.

Best quote I've heard in a long time.

Kevin Smith

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Peter Randolff

This was very well put, agreed.

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