7Digital Adds $10M, Expands Digital Music Offering
Can You Survive In A World Of Music Without Musicians?


A5bs7P2CQAATrkACMJ has taken over New Yourk City this week and Hypebot's @HishamDahud is there. From the music tech meetup (pictured left) hosted by Sneak Attack Meida, SoundCloud, Mobile Roadie, Bandintown, Thinglink and Section 101 to more panels and showcases than anyone could attend, Hish is there soaking it all in. Follow the action @Hypebot. Here is a sampling of the action, so far:

A5bqIb-CEAAVM4x"The greatest place right now for tech innovation and disruptiveness is in concert touring." - Chris Kantrowitz, CEO Gobbler

"Young musicians today are spending more time on social media than in the studio." - Amaechi Uzoigwe, Official.fm
"It's a mistake to release all your music on your own and THEN approach a label; it's already all been heard." - Mark Lipsitz, Bar None

"Your goal should be to get 15% of your Facebook fans talking about you. Big brands only do slightly better, but with larger budgets."

"We streamed over 1 billion hours of radio last month, the same amount YouTube streamed in video." And on the licensing hurdle: "You have to be kind of nuts to start a music service today." - Ian Geller, VP Business Development, Pandora
Artists as brands: "How many are following Coca-Cola?" [no hands] "How many are following @AndrewWK?" [Nearly half the room]