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David Sherbow @MusicBiz Guy

Die hard music fanatics love the idea of on demand streaming service like Spotify and having access to a billion songs. That's why there is only 3 million of them compared to the 100 million who listen to Pandora. Study after study shows that most people are overwhelmed by too much choice and either want a small number to choose from or have their choices made for them. There is no real programming anymore. A huge loss for music listeners who want curation. In reality, our music culture has transitioned from one dedicated to people emotionally bonding with their artists to people hyped up by one song at a time. Granted music is huge but the youth culture of today has moved it from the forefront of their lives to the background. This is precisely why the Pandora music model dominates because you just set it up, click once and you get continuous music most of which you like. Spotify and similar services take planning and effort. Too much work for most people and no simple way for them to discover new music they might really like. Unlike the old music business which had a workable music discovery process now totally broken, the new music business has yet to find the discovery path of the future. On demand streaming is great if you know what you want to listen to. Unfortunately, it offers only a tedious, time consuming way to discover new music. Whatever service figures out a way to make the joy of discovering great new music a simple and easy pleasure to accomplish with little effort will have truly found the Holy Grail.

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