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The 10 Most Read Hypebot Stories Last Month

Top10Did you miss anything? We’ve compiled the top 10 most read posts for the month of September. Among the top stories include Dan Deacon’s innovative app for a fan-generated light show, Jeff Price’s views on how the future of the music industry is today, Trent Reznor’s departure from DYI, and much more.

The Top 10 Hypebot Posts From September, 2012

  1. Fans Become The Light Show With Dan Deacon's Live Concert Mobile App
  2. Ex-TuneCore CEO Jeff Price: The End Of The New Music Industry Transformation
  3. Who Are The 30 Richest Drummers In The World?
  4. Trent Reznor Abandons D.I.Y. And Returns To A Major Label
  5. Spotify's D.A. Wallach Explains How Spotify Pays Artists
  6. Universal Music's Top Exec Declares Proudly: "We're Not In The Art Business"
  7. Musicians: Solve Your Obscurity Problem & The Rest Will Follow
  8. Top 20 Countries With The Most Illegal Music Downloads
  9. Is PSY's Gangnam Style The K-Pop Macarena Or The Next Party Rock Anthem?
  10. Nine Top SEO Tips For Musicians