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This is some really great insight Jason but where is the disclosure that the company you work for offers exactly the service you are describing? Distasteful. I wish I had found out about tomahawk in a not so shady way.


Well, the analogy with SMS doesn't hold. SMS are a means of communication. Music is a lot of things, but doesn't strictly requires to be shared with friends on the Internet. It's a minor use case.

Moreover, sharing music today is totally effective and is 100% based on YouTube. People post links to YT videos. There's no need to use any other service.


Nick, sorry you feel that way. I tried to do so in the header without turning the disclosure into the entirety of the post. That being said, Tomahawk is an open-source project that is available for any/all to use. https://github.com/tomahawk-player


Communication around music is communication, not music. I agree music does not need to be social, but when it is it should "just work".

As for YouTube, even it is not global. There are barely any music videos on YouTube in Germany for example. Besides the fact that YouTube is a less than optimal experience for listening to music.... so the sharers have to search YouTube for the song they are listening to on Pandora (for example) to post, and the listener (if they like it and want to make it easily accessible again) need to then search/playlist it in whatever music experience is their primary.


Don't really get the thrust of the article.
Can I not just email, tweet, post on fb or even SMS to my friend(s) that I really love 'yxz' song/band, and leave them to search for it however they want?
or post a universal link to the band's own website?

Agree that youtube is quite annoying to use as music discovery. i use soundcloud. it's what it was built for.

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