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Vivogig: Concert Photo Sharing

Vivogig-logoVivogig is a music concert photo sharing site that launched last year in Austin. It has a pleasing simplicity and a lot of potential though it seems to have stalled a bit since getting a boost during SXSW. Vivogig photos tend to feature the musicians in relatively closely cropped portraits. This tendency makes Vivogig a nice platform for presenting band pics but a limited one for pics of the music experience.

Vivogig – Shoot and Share Live Bands

Vivogig's website features a gridlike arrangement of recently uploaded pics of live concerts with a focus on Austin venues. The navigation options are fairly simple with a top voted bands list and the ability to click on the name of bands and venues.

Information about photos is extremely limited and may be one place where the simplicity of the site holds it back. The absence of day/time info seems odd especially with Vivogig's emphasis on mobile capture which automatically time/date stamps pics.

Based on a post-SXSW debriefing Vivogig doesn't seem to have developed much in recent months though more could be happening behind the scenes.

Interesting applications during SXSW included:

"Reps from Vivogig are projecting the site on walls and buildings around the downtown area during SXSW. At the official launch party on Saturday, fans saw a streaming wall filled with pictures as fans uploaded them."

One of the interesting aspects of Vivogig is the possibly unintentially dominant editorial perspective of tightly framed shots of live musicians. This overwhelming view helps make Annie Hsieh's pics of performers on screens a surprisingly interesting series. But it also gives the look of the site a certain monotonous sameness after a while.

Vivogig certainly has potential as a promotional tool for bands and venues. But it also has unrealized potential for documenting the larger experience of live music events.

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