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You left out the Jack White debacle in NYC. He did not make it right in any way. What a disaster for his fans.

I don't see anything wrong with expecting a certain level of professionalism from the Artist, Promoter and Venue when you get to a certain level of dollars paid out. If you can charge $60 - $200 for tickets, you [they] can at least act like you [they] are professional(s).

Justin Boland

Usually the answer is simply "money."


Next time Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls come to Chicago - go see them. He tweets start times, starts on time & puts on a great show.


Yes I agree with the post. If the ticket prices are that high artists should be held fully accountable and are expected to fulfill their duties 100%. Satisfaction guaranteed is an interesting concept. I would hope people wouldn't abuse it to get free things.

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