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if you want to get reviews or airplay, you're far better off with an album, or at least an ep. the "regular bursts of activity" that you mention are definitely very important. but in the end, the album is still your magnum opus and you ultimately need that if you want to be taken seriously as an artist.

Julian Weisser

3 months ago MVSCLES, a Boston electronic future pop duo released "sweet n sour." (http://soundcloud.com/mvscles/sweet-n-sour)

It was a song that was so new and catchy that it spread like wildfire through Boston and online. It now has 48,900 plays on SoundCloud alone.

MVSCLES waited a whole month before dropping their second song called "where you are."

This song was a bit different in feel and sound than the one track that their listeners had as their sole definition but it went over just as well. It now stands at 39,168 SoundCloud plays in just 2 months.

I think digital singles with a set release cycle makes sense because it builds anticipation much like a TV show when you are dying to see the next episode and know it's an entire week that you will need to wait. Building anticipation and then surpassing expectations are both keys to success with this content shipping strategy.


Considering that Soundscan reported that for the 1st 6 months of this year CD's where 61% of music sales and digital was 38% I can totally see how not releasing one makes sense. Wake up and sell the CD.

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