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Twitter_musicSocial music service Serendip, who we first reported to you last month, has released research findings based on information they’ve collected through their socially curated radio platform. The company has aggregated data from a six month period was based on nearly 114 million music-related tweets from about two million unique users, all in hopes of finding out who the most shared artists on Twitter are.

Serendip’s findings were sourced from tweets containing music-related links from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and more. They then analyzed those links, pinpointed the user locations, and looked into any specific events that may have correlated to those music shares.

Given the data, it’s clearly evident that events in pop culture have a lot to do with how popular particular artists can become on Twitter. One example included in the study was how Whitney Houston’s death allowed her to become the most shared artist in the United States, but not enough to beat out pop boy band One Direction as the most-shared music on Twitter (followed by Adelle and Rihanna).

Also according to the study, Tuesday generally seems to be the most popular day to share music, however when Katy Perry released “Wide Awake” and Justin Bieber debuted “Boyfriend”, these each saw the biggest impact on music shares despite not occurring on a Tuesday.

Check out the complete infographic below (click to enlarge):






























































































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