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Greg Wiley



I noticed that too... No one cares about spottily


I don't get it. What does Spotify have to do with the launch of iTunes 11?


Guess Apple r jst waitin 4 Halloween so the can scare d shit out of every1 with d latest incarnation of itunes! Seriously tho, itunes is d only Apple product i've ever really liked n they're pissing me off even more by delaying it


After d iMaps fiasco, it won't be surprising if Apple suffer another appaling software failure 2 go along with their recent "innovative" hardware launches! So they're jst biding time n waiting 2 launch d newest iHorror poltergeist on Halloween itself! Huh! Wat dorks!


How can you possibly call this company dorks when you can't even write English properly?


Well, I suggest everyone to copy and backup the library files so IF we do have to return to iTunes 7.0, then our library info will be intact. I fear that releasing iTunes to over a million PC's/Macs within a few days will give Apple the real fear of "did we screw up?". We won't know what the app will do to HUGE libraries either so backup, backup, backup!


Spotify is nice but yes, it has nothing to do with iTunes. iTunes is nice as it has grown from just music to being a full media manager for the OS X and iOS platforms. Such causes the program to be bloated and unusable at times with Windows OS. That said, it is still in its own category and certainly does not do the same things as Spotify. I am a Spotify Premium user myself and Spotify offers free range of playlist making, sharing, web player integration for more sharing of music, which yes, iTunes does not offer 100%. However, I at least know I own the music I have in iTunes. I can view my movies, bounce my music and movies to my AppleTV OR in addition to my Tivo Receiver as well. I am also renting for my music on a monthly basis with Spotify and have no availability to burn songs if I'd like. I think people need to keep iTunes and Spotify separate. Spotify should really be compared to the unsuccessful Kazaa, AudioGalaxy, Napster, and other P2P downloading apps back in the late 1990s-2000's. Spotify is just one success, but they now have to start making money and ads might not cut it for the labels and the rest of the investors. At least iTunes has a business model and uses iTunes Store as a way to maintain growth.


It will be coming this Friday. I guarantee it.

Apple has made a hobby over the past year or so of releasing major software updates the day after conference calls. The Q4 conference call is tomorrow (Thursday).

OS X Lion was hugely hyped last year, OS X Mountain Lion this year the same. Both times, there were no prior official words on the release date from Apple whatsoever, then at the conference call Tim Cook announced that OS X Lion/OS X Mountain Lion was coming out the following day.

I guess when you're announcing all quarterly earnings, finishing off with the news that a major software release is coming the next day is a nice way of keeping things sweet.


wtf is spotify?


iTunes 11 is out today, 30th October.


No it isn't... on the website the coming soon was changed from October to November. Very unprofessional i must say. They must be having software problems...


You're an idiot. Learn to spell properly.







iphone application developer

But, can you finally 'Add' (etc), rather than only 'Sync' to your device. The iTune's experience can only get better. There is only one way but up! Apple has clearly put a lot of thought into this iTunes redesign, and it shows. We see no reason not to upgrade to iTunes 11, particularly if you are a heavy user of Apple's media distribution and music playing platform.

David Valentine

Nice new UP NEXT feature, but it stops and downgrades from there on. No CoverFlow and the play count and last played are broken. Why did I upgrade? Oh by the way, no way to revert without handstands. WAIT is the word of the day, this thing is Beta?

David Valentine

Oh yeah? see my post below, this is broken!

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