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Sachi Subterranean

I also have an applicable bachelors degree, several years experience in the music industry, and have had trouble getting a full-time job. I'm also currently training to run a marathon.

However, I'm not running with a resume attached to my back, because running has nothing to do with my professional skills.

This is nothing more than a silly stunt. I thought you said this article would tell a creative way to land a job. Creative implies constructive.


Actually, the word Creative is defined as "Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work."

No mention or implication of the word constructive at all. But the creativity of Mike Castellucci is much more likely to end up with a positive outcome than is your attitude.


He should have business cards on hand and have that written somewhere on the back of his shirt....might make it easier for employers to find him! Good luck Mike!


Unless he's jogging from NY to Chicago, he's getting airfare from somewhere - sounds like he doesn't really need a job that bad.

Sachi Subterranean

Actually, production and construction are synonyms.

And, you don't know my attitude or whether or not I've been creative in my job search. I'm actually quite positive, but more targeted.

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