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image from on Hypebot you can read countless stories of musicians who have used out-of-the-box ideas to stand out and boost their music careers. But it’s rare to hear about people who use creative thinking to land a traditional day job in the music industry.

This is one of those refreshing stories.

In May 2011, Mike Castellucci graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Music degree in Music Management and Trumpet Performance from William Paterson University of New Jersey. With two internships, management, and performance experience under his belt, he was ready for employment.

“For the past year and a half, I have been looking for a job in the music industry,” Castellucci says. “With so much oversaturation in the job market, it has been a difficult task to stand out. After sending out more than 250 resumes, I have had some close calls, but I am still out of a job.”

To channel his frustration, he started running. In March 2012 Castellucci ran in the New York City Half Marathon and raised $900 for Bergen County’s Habitat for Humanity. “I know I’m not the only one struggling,” he says. “Plus, I feel I need to lend a helping hand to others before I can receive.”

As Castellucci was preparing to embark on his first full marathon on Sunday, October 7, at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, an idea came to him.

I will be making history this year by being the first racer to run with an oversized resume attached to my back,” he explains. “My hope is that it might catch the eye of prospective employers either running or watching the race.”

Castellucci’s creativity has already paid off with some local news coverage. Here is a video clip he put together to tell the story:

“I hope the video will be a source of inspiration for the thousands of people out there who are eager to work but can’t find employment,” he says.

With the Chicago Marathon he is also continuing his charity efforts, this time raising money for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides support and assistance to the families of Chicago Police Officers who were killed or injured in the line of duty.

Visit Mike Castellucci’s donation page here.

What do you think about Castellucci’s creative way of seeking employment in the music business? Do you have other examples of out-of-the-box job hunting methods to share? I welcome your comments.

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