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Clyde, I just wanted to thank you again for this post.

I think Kickstarter (and all crowdfunding) for bands is just the beginning of the conversation.

I think it provides a frame for a much larger conversation about the tactics and best practices for releasing new music, fan gathering campaigns, and the importance of email marketing and fan engagement.

Once Ian and I finish our initial 100 Band Kickstarters to Learn From, I can't wait to get into specific case studies for how bands have gotten more email addresses, sold more music and merch, raised their booking revenue and other successes that will keep them making music.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing the same "how to use Facebook for your band" crap. I want actual tactics and case studies that give specific ideas that any band can emulate or re-interpret to get similar results. That's the essence of the direction for Launch and Release.



Clyde Smith

That all makes sense to me.

Looking at successful music crowdfunding campaigns has gotten me thinking about how one builds and nurtures a deep relationship with a fanbase. And how that manifests differently in music than in other art forms.

It's definitely refocusing my perspective while building on what I was learning before crowdfunding.


Wish I would have found this article sooner. Luckily my band, CHARETTAs, kickstarter is doing quite well in its first few days, but I'm sure there are always things to be learned. http://kck.st/YKsvOD


Great article! I am looking forward to reading more and checking out Launch + Release right now, as I am doing the social media and helping my friend Ryan Brolliar start a campaign. Learning a ton about the music industry! Thanks again for so much solid information!

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