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Cool Staff
Thanks !!

chris h.

wow, sheet music sales for the indie musician? are you kidding? many of these ideas are not terribly useful in the real world. hey, why not mention fiverr.com? there are tons of musicians making money there.

Virginia Posada

I have been involved with several Grammy Award Winning /Nominated acts in the past 10 years. The musicians I associate with are all self employed, extremely talented and very ambitious. On several occasions I have been asked to promote them or solicit new business to fill in their off schedules. They work in and around the San antonio Area, as well as perform numerous out of town gigs throughout the country as requested. My question is one that I'm sure many might have... Should I create a DBA as a promoter and chance it on my own or should I look for a reputable promoter and gain experience


very nice website thank you

David Sherbow @MusicBiz Guy

I developed a similar and equally compelling list that Hypebot published in January, 2010 see and compare.



Here is a 43rd way to generate revenue.

YOu can use our special Afiliate Program to sell our electric guitar and bass instruments to your fans branded as "(your-name/artist/band) Signature Series" instruments.

What is different about our instruments?

They give you 76 pure analog pickup tones - all the pickup tones ever created from a single instrument. These unique instruments also give you all those headliner group guitar and bass player signature sounds.

Shipped instruments include a website address that will teach fans how to play their instrument. We also have high-performance upgrades for most electric guitar and bass instruments.

Adam Ramos

Hi. Big Chief from www.BigChiefEntertainment.com among many things :-) is a Certified Artist Developer and East Coast Coordinator for Conquer Entertainment and if you are looking to be part of a huge movement across the world, where we teach you how to become a CAD and tap into that gift you already have, give us a call.
NOTE: DBA will allow you to learn and receive revenue if you do hook up with one since it would promote "you" on the long run, after the lessons has been learned.
Any questions, feel free to call EST time before 10pm.

Daniela Gonzalez

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Sean Carbone

Label settlements? Is this after a lawsuit? Why not include finding money in the couch?


Some great ideas....but check out this blog about more ways. http://www.djladydrummer.wordpress.com .. practical experience and effective ways.

Dilpreet BHatia

Great Tips!!
Earning from youtube is the best thing out there!!

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