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Sakis Gouzonis

Music is free.

According to many surveys (make a google search), around 70% of listeners download free music from the internet, and around 60% of listeners feel they shouldn't have to pay for music. I estimate that in a few years from now nobody will pay for CDs or music downloads.

Instead of trying to get featured on iTunes or other music outlets, artists should focus on giving their music for free. If people are going to get your music for free anyway, then make sure they get it from you (the benefits are many).


Wow, it's tough to be featured on iTunes. Thank you for the tips , I am trying to do it for my single.


Common-sense economics: Is price ultimately determined by the producer or the consumer?

When you claim that a product is free, what you are really saying is that the people behind the product should be your slaves.

Sakis Gouzonis

I am sorry you see it that way. But everything is changing.

Nowadays, artists have to generate new streams of revenue, and find alternative ways of making money from music. But I cannot further discuss it here, it is a huge subject.


The real world is still bound by economics. It's not a matter of views. It's about being grounded in reality.

The day our stomachs can reside in the internet, then you will be right.


"Nowadays, artists have to generate new streams of revenue"

Which ones ?

That's why I still have a day job and sadly consider my music an "amateur" thing...

You might say I'm a loser but I'm not, considering the number of followers I have and the time I can dedicate to music...

Music is not free, at least I have to pay a mastering engineer 99$ a track to get something satisfying for my fans. Has it to be a give away for fun while I program websites for tech companies ?

Thanks a lot for you insightful input...

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