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Light,,,path,light,sunset,lighting,nature-41f773f8f24c6fffefc6516030b7503b_hAbout a year ago, I wrote an article entitled “Musicians: Remember to Start with Why” that spoke about defining the intrinsic motivation behind your music career. The piece spoke about the differences between “work” and “effort”, and challenged readers to really consider why they are choosing to pursue one of the most difficult ways to make a living these days – to examine their inner drive.  

DRIVE is a short documentary that explores what we have within us, why do we do what we do, and what it takes to get "there". The short features seasoned music industry veteran and growth expert Gian Fiero and entertainment attorney Michael Ashburne (Richard Pryor, Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Dead Kennedys, and more) as they discuss their journey to career success and how they made "doing what you love" into a work of art.

Watch below:

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