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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

After Hurricane Katrina devastated large parts of Louisiana, many musical benefit albums of material were released, recorded by various artists especially for the occasion. That did not happen for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake when all the big labels bundled together an outtakes and hits benefit sampler which was only sold digitally. There is no way this compilation has had the economical impact of all the Katrina benefit samplers.
As a music fan, I'm looking forward to the tribute samplers, but with Hurricane Sandy having happened late in the year, it's almost impossible to get the musicians together for an effort like that before the Xmas market is in full gear. Are there any benefit samplers for this occasion so far? There should be.

Clyde Smith

I don't know. They've done one big benefit with big stars:

Other's happening in December:

Seems a live album/dvd would be a nice move but I haven't heard anything about anything like that. You're right about the timing. I bet a lot more local seasonal benefits got cancelled or did less due to the focus on recovery.

It's a tough situation.

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