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A Facebook User

Will iTunes take the high road on this or will they treat music like "digital road Kill" like the rest. Apple's negotiations for music licensing will be a key insight into the legacy and future impact of Steve Jobs on the Apple Brand.

If you've read his detailed, authorized autobiography, you know that Steve loved music as evident in both his interviews and the lack of furnishings and appliances in his home. There is one thing that Jobs always owned as seen in the first photo of the photo section. Look closely, in the background you will see a turntable and an amplifier. No rug, no furniture, just a stereo.

My take is that Jobs never intended or wished the ipod to replace high fidelity, but rather to offer a great portable way to listen to music. If he were still alive, he would still be buying vinyl today.

It is unfortunate that a small group of individuals have spent a decade convincing a generation that recorded music has no value and taken down record stores and the magic of great sounding stereo systems along the way.

I guess, you get, what you pay for........

Will Buckley, founder, FarePlay


Will, it is a pity. Convenience seems almost always to trump high quality. Of course, we still have HD recordings, but they're taking a long, long time to come up to speed.

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