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Kohler-Moxie-3-650x650-238x238By Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm.

The winter holidays have an annoying way of encroaching on the Fall one; nonetheless, we can’t resist putting this on our shopping list. As its name implies, the Kolhler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker ($200) has a speaker embedded in it. You can stream music, podcasts, and more from anything with a wireless Bluetooth audio output (i.e. just about any smartphone or laptop), which has a 32-foot range.

The battery lasts seven hours, which is plenty of showers. To recharge it, you simply pop it out of the shower by releasing its magnetic attachment, and power it up via USB.

We don’t know how this thing sounds, but it’s at least good enough for some morning wtfpod, and maybe the occasional tune — and besides, the concept is phenomenal. We’ll update if we can figure out when it’s shipping (hopefully in time for the holidays):

(via Mashable)