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Join Our Holiday Weekend Online Networking Party! Relaunches As More Than Just A Place To Buy Concert Tickets

image from (UPDATED) Concert and ticketing giant Live Nation has relaunched its site as a hub for love music fans. While still the place find out about concerts and buy tickets, the site now also adds exclusive and user generated content in hopes that users will visit before and after the show.  

A new feature called "Showbook" cleverly collects concert photos that fans post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sorting them by date and show. A Showbook page for a Martina McBride show in Roanoke, VA (click here), for example, includes a countdown clock to showtime, fan photos of previous shows, concert information and social sharing links.

While beautifully designed and cleverly executed, it's unproven that fans of a particular artist or genre will frequent a more general live music site.  Those that do, may be disappointed that concert listings are limited to shows affiliated with Live Nation or Ticketmaster, leaving it's utility as concert tracker vs. Songkick, Pollstar or BandsInTown somewhat limited.

Still, a company of Live Nation's size and reach would be foolish not to try to aggregate fan activity; and today's launch is just the first  glimpse of the work that Live Nation bought BigChampagne to do.  My guess is that Eric Garland and Live Nation Labs team have more they'll be demoing for tech savvy Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino soon.