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Kevin Prichard

John Cage 4'33" was my favorite one-track loop, but then the release of 18'20" by Nixon came along.

My nephew over-played "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry for a year. Cute as hell.


Correct me if I'm wrong a low information voter is a slag on the voter. To the carry the metaphor to it's conclusion he is saying listener are stupid?

Mike McCready

Awesome post Lucas. Good analogy with low information voters - although I think the consequences of low information voters effects everyone else whereas the consequences of low information listeners effects only the listener (and the royalty earners as you point out). If only it were the same with the voters (sigh).

Lucas Gonze

Nelson, I don't think my two year old is stupid, I think that he's two. And I think stupid people (for example, people on drugs) are often really into music, and not at all low information.

Mike, nice insight turning around the beneficiaries. I mean, I think that the impact of low information listeners is very broad. For example, Pandora volume beats Spotify's partly because it serves low information listeners better.

Lucas Gonze

Kev, I thought Rose Mary Wood's remix of the Cage piece was sparking, brilliant, incandescent with creativity.


I'm an obsessive person and I even sometimes like to zone out when listening to some of my "jams" or songs with great lyrics, are generally inspiring or soothing, so... Yeah, I'm a chronic repeater (and it sometimes bewilders my hon) but I do have many faves that definitely get their own time ... and I'm not ALWAYS like this.

But yeah... You've sold Spotify on me. I just re-downloaded it. (I hated it after a second try #1, haha.)

Question; what about artist repeats, vs. just song? I'm currently comparing two versions of an Ellie Goulding song though I downloaded a bit more for repeating.

I figure I'll load Spotify when I want to do my crazy thang or for new songs I don't have yet. ... And to test things out; cool.

Also, what about my library songs vs. the "starred" ones? Could I potentially "give" beyond the mp3 or CD investment??

Now I see, apparently, track repeat is not a feature. That won't end up working out. Boo, hiss. ;-)

Anyway, I don't think I'm a low info fan!!! I'm a fledgling musician, too. :-\

I think a low info listener would be someone who never considers beyond the radio.

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