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"setting up Wordpress.org with a $5 a month "unlimited" webhost and tossing up a free theme you found on the web may well lead to disaster."

I wouldn't completely agree with that statement. The free WordPress default theme Twenty Eleven is very good and using a reputable host with a unlimited plan can work out just fine. Do a little research on the host to make sure it is not a fly by night company and you will be fine. Hostgator is great, Bluehost is great, Dreamhost is great. Just select someone that offers 24/7/365 support... online chat, email and phone. But... if you have no experience with WordPress you might be best to have a consultant help you get started, teach you the basics and then hand it off to you. WP you will learn is very easy to maintain. Shop around, don't feel you need to get a dedicated server, or a hosting company that specializes in WP. One word of advice... AVOID GoDaddy for hosting a WordPress site.

Clyde Smith

Definitely avoid GoDaddy.

Thanks Michael!


Why avoid godaddy I have recently purchases a domain from godaddy.

Clyde Smith

I do use godaddy for domain registration. It's been awhile since I tried out their hosting.

The pages were always really slow to load and I stopped using them. Have always heard complaints since then but haven't kept up on the details.


This is some good help for WordPress users, but this can also be of value to anyone trying to start a WordPress Band Website


It's called WordPress Artist / Band Manager

WP Artist is an all in one Music solution for WordPress. As opposed to using several plugins to build one artist website, you can use this plugin as a grand plugin for managing an artist/band information. Created by a Record Label owner, this plugin has been done to meet the needs of a good website.

And here's a collection of plugins + themes to make a band website

Let me know what you think.

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