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Noah Hornberger

This is great advice. I just set up about fifty sites listing the details of my new record label (Healing Chime Audio), and now to set out and find how other meditation / ambient labels and artists are getting exposure will help me to know where and how to link so that it actually works. What a simple tip that really makes sense. But I don't think I've ever thought of it like that. Thanks!


I don't think google's link tool really works anymore. They give you virtually nothing at all to go with. Tools like opensiteexplorer and ahrefs are much, much better for this sort of thing.

Sakis Gouzonis

I agree with Mike. Google's link tool is useless.

I just tested it by typing link:www.sakisgouzonis.com and I got just 9 results! lol Needless to say that my website is the most popular independent artist website in Greece, and many press sites/blogs,fan pages/profiles,etc link to it.

OpenSiteExplorer is just a bit better, but it still "hides" a lot of information.

Unfortunately, there isn't a reliable link tool today.

LanaJoseph@Unsigned Artists

For the new comers the online marketing would be a good way to get audience but they can't survive for a long time only relying on online.


I think this whole idea is flawed. Do you really think of you get your website perfectly aligned with the browsers that you'll magically start getting better gigs, selling more downloads and getting more streams?

Maybe, if you're a wedding band.

Don't waste time on trying to capture accidental web traffic. Spend your time making fans of your music who will buy your recordings and come to your shows. Make your website a tool for them.


Something that I've found to be helpful for both myself and artists on my label:

I find a few artists that are in a similar vein to my sound, then search them on Elbo.ws and Hypeem.com to see which blogs are writing about them. I then do a quick perusal of each blog to make sure things are current/get their info, then BAM add them to the press list.

Works well.


I found this to be very insightful. Thank you! I’ve also been getting a lot out of drummer Brian Doherty’s website as well. He has some interesting views on music and the music industry at briandoherty.net


This. Goes for the whole of marketing/ online presence etc. As long as you actually HAVE one, spend 98% of the rest of your time writing better songs, making better recordings and producing a better live show. That's what we want to be doing anyway isn't it? I'm not competing with cats doing human-ish things anymore, I can't possibly win.

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