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You are forgetting the effect of Nokia Music. This is a Pandora style service except if offers offline caching and is ad-free, and comes free on all Lumias. Other handset vendors have probably been pressuring Microsoft to get this deal done to try and neutralise some of Nokia's advantage in WP. If you are paying Pandora to build an app it HAS to be ad-free, or can't really compete with Nokias pre-loaded solution otherwise.

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Good post. I am going to save the URL and will definitely visit again.


Nokia Music is a good product, but it's not Pandora. I use Nokia Music on my Windows Phone and like it, but it doesn't have the #1 feature Pandora offers--learning what music I like and playing other similar music (usually by artists I've never heard of before).

Nokia Music's curated lists are fine, but they're not personalized, and I hear a lot of tracks I don't like interspersed with ones I do.

For that reason I still use Pandora more, and I can't wait to get it on my Windows Phone. If it had ads, I'd *still* use it more than Nokia Music.


So, I might just be blind, but there is no Pandora app on my Windows 8 phone... could someone tell me if I'm blind or not.

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