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Catherine Hol

Excellent in-depth interview, with good questions asked, and some refreshingly honest answers from Jack.

I was a bit surprised though to hear him speak of videos as merely 'packaging' for the songs. For me, the synergy of audio and visual is more than the sum of the parts, and can have a more powerful impact than just the music when it's done right.


Everyone involved with this interview is a fucking idiot. "Can your band save the music industry?" 99% of people in real life (not on the internet where you people live) have never heard of Pomplamoose (worst band name ever by the way). You fucking used SEO strategy as a creative direction for your band?? Pathetic. Unsubscribing from this blog right now.


Ooooh somebody's got some issues!


In fairness, nobody involved in this interview asked that question, it merely stated that those questions were asked at the time Pamplemoose blew up. So put your toys back in your pram.
Also, 99% of people in real life have not heard of anything (apart from the very biggest artists on the very biggest media channels,) as there is SO MUCH varied content available.
Final point: sorry bud, welcome to the modern world. Wished i'd have thought of putting covers up on a youtube channel a few years ago. Now everyone does it.

What I took from this really great interview is: be creative and stay on your toes marketing-wise, and try loads of different things to see what works. Thanks, keep it up.

Jean S.

When Pamplamoose did a cover video on YouTube lickety-split, does anyone know if they took time to get the rights to do it? Just wondering...

Steve Karos

Great interview ! It takes a lot of courage to say the things that were said .... Love them or hate them (Pomplamoose) this interview was refreshingly honest ! Kudos Jack, you've got big brass ones !




Great interview - I enjoyed the transparency - appreciate you guys taking the time to put this together and post!

Kiko Jones

What he said.

Kiko Jones

Great ideas for someone who wants design apps, sell their brand of soap or go into distributing some kind of assembly line product. Music? Not so much. Unless your idea of creativity involves "trying a million things until something works." So, not a hit as a singer/songwriter? Try metal. Or give electronica a whirl. How 'bout jazz? Dancefloor diva, perhaps? Ugh. Honestly...

edwin garcia

@Nickramos24 - and, uhmmm how's your band doing?


that's for *mechanical* rights, dre.

to clear a song for a music video, you need to negotiate a synch license...

of course, you can always risk it and wait for a C & D or take-down notice -- which is more than likely what Jack did.


Posting covers on youtube without clearance is pretty safe. Youtube doesn't officially endorse it, but they pretty clearly look the other way, considering they have the ability to do takedowns and never do for covers. I've heard that they have some kind of backdoor deal with ASCAP to deal with the licensing, which would explain it.


You don't need clearance or synch rights, a mechanical license covers you on YouTube and the royalties go to the songwriter.

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