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The "full lesson" link seems to be broken. I am getting an "Access Denied" page.


Yep same error message.


Yeah. I'm cautious of self proclaimed "Music Business Professionals" coming from the tech side. Especially those half my age who attempt to so narrowly define it's reality.


If radio is no longer the primary way people discover new music - try breaking an artist without it...




"Radio is no longer the primary way that people discover new music." ya, it's the second most primary way people discover music, Hypebot said it themselves...don't discount radio.

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Nice insights, but I think discovery still rely primarily on radio for most people (at least those who don't have time to search the Internet and discver music on their own).
According to the latest Music360 report from Neilsen (http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/press-room/2012/music-discovery-still-dominated-by-radio--says-nielsen-music-360.html) "Radio is still the dominant way people discover music... 48% discover music most often through the radio".
I believe radio is still dominant as a discovery tool, because discovery is essentially broken in most forms of online music consumption ("more of the same").


People are going to continue to hold radio first and foremost. Let's look at TV, and they STILL go on ratings. Some say this is the wave of the future, though the future has been now for almost ten years now. I'll never understand how people and the media works.


I know. I'm trying right now, and finding that itunes, youtube, all of it, only breaks you to a small, almost amateur level. I mean, youtube's biggest hit , by far this year, is the baby who laughs when parents crush up paper. I'm wondering how a producer makes money now? Itunes downloads bring about half the revenue as CD sales, and are cut up so different, good luck getting a check. Sure miss CDs in Walmart.


Yes, the same. Play lists of 20 or so artists, big bucks to get on it. As a life long studio musician, I can tell you that 95% of what we play on, will never be heard, and it's always been that way. The problem with new media, is it is very accessable, to all, but no quality control, which can be good, but a wide success, isn't a deep one. It costs a lot less to do a CD, these days, but you won't make near as much, without radio and TV success.

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