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Watch Live: Internet Radio Fairness Act Hearings Today

image from www.google.comThe first hearings on the controversial Internet Radio Fairness Act will be broadcast live today at 11:30 AM ET. Witnesses include producer Jimmy Jam, former eMusic CEO David Pakman, and representatives of Pandora, SoundExchange and the broadcast industry.

The Act would, at least temporarily, lower payments to artists and labels from net broadcasters like Pandora. Opponents believe it's unfair to creaters, while supporters believe it will spur innovation and eventually higher payments. BROADCAST DETAILS:

Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet

Hearing: "Music Licensing Part One: Legislation in the 112th Congress"

Witness List

Mr. Joseph J. Kennedy
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pandora Media, Inc.

Mr. Bruce T. Reese
President and Chief Executive Officer Hubbard Radio, LLC On behalf of the National Association of Broadcasters

Mr. David B. Pakman
Partner Venrock

Mr. Jimmy Jam
Chair Emeritus, The Recording Academy Record Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach
Managing Director and Principal Navigant Economics

Mr. Michael J. Huppe
President SoundExchange, Inc.

Watch today's hearings live here.