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grammar police

This article is extremely poorly written.

Lori Bumgarner

Thank you Tyler! As an image consultant for recording artists, I totally agree on the importance of an act having professional quality photos. However, if the act doesn't know how to dress for the photo shoot, then the money spent on photos is not money well-spent (see why in my blog post "Picture Perfect II at http://panashstyle.blogspot.com/2011/10/picture-perfect-part-ii.html).
paNASH Style LLC


That's really strange. The #1 thing I expected to see in this article to spend extra money on is promotion. Spending money on gear, photos, and merchandise doesn't mean a hill of beans if no one knows who you are. Why do you think the major labels still have successful acts even though their materiel is tired and simple? They market the hell out of those artists, that's why. With so much music coming out week after week the only real way to be successful in today's music industry is to promote yourself. Musicians really need to get their names out there to become known. That's not saying you don't have to have I good or great product (you do), but how will anyone know to listen to your music if you don't promote it?

The first thing that comes to mind is making a video and buying into their promotion system. It seems like the easiest and most successful way to get known and become successful now. Secondly, put some money to online ads or even just posters promoting your new album. The majors still do this and they wouldn't if they thought it was a waste if money. Finally, there are just tons and tons of different ways to promote yourself and being different to stand out costs money. I'm not saying there aren't methods to take to receive free promotion, but artists need all the help they can get when it comes to getting their product out to the masses to be discovered. I guarantee that if a band or artist is not doing this, there are plenty of others who are and their competing for the same attention you are and their winning.

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Bruce Flambe

By each member of the band a Flip Cam.

Pick up some basic video editing software.

Boom. Online content out the wazoo. And money left over for burritos.


I like burritos!

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

As a music lover, I'd say extra money should be spent on cameos by well-known guest musicians with a fanbase of their own. This is the collaborative spirit. And you can advertise with the name of the guest for your album later as well - even on that artist's message boards.

Marion Unified

I say, not just merch but really interesting merchandise and special edition shiz like a special vinyl record...or an album with a special package. For merch, something out of the ordinary- a glow in the dark tee. Or..or, make a really impressive Music video with a goal to make it viral. Use your fans as subjects so they'll surely share it.

Burn The Traditions

"If a group doesn't show up in iTunes, do they even exist?"

I can't believe that retarded statement was even made. So you're saying that bands who aren't excited about giving away 33% of each sale deserve to be overlooked or otherwise disregarded? Have you ever heard of Bandcamp? Or any other website that allows artists to not only sell their music, but set their OWN prices and have control of sales, promo codes, set up merch stores, etc?? And with a way lower percentage cut at that...

Also, I have to agree with Chancius... I would have gone for Promo/Marketing/Publicity as the most important thing that money could be spent on. That is not even a question. Being on iTunes isn't the be all, end all for a band. They can make WAY more of a return selling through Bandcamp and with the right Publicist and strategic Marketing Campaign, you will be just fine without paying Tunecore or some other aggregator to get your stuff on all those rip off digital distro sites.

Leena Sowambur

1. You take your top 30-50 fans out for coffee and ask them questions - what they want, what they dont want.

2. You pay for dinner for as many movers and shakers as you can afford to get round a table.

3. You ask those movers and shakers the following week how you can partner with them to help you get your fans what they want.


Rehoboth Sound would use the $2000 dollars to finish our project that seem to be stale mate, travel expense to gigs. We sing Southern Gospel Music. We wouldn't change what we sing but could use the money.

Jake Weirson

Seriously online ads?? What a horrible idea.


as stated you need internet marking. check out spindrpr.com

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