Music Marketing Launches WordPress Music recently launched WordPress Music, a subsite that brings together all the tools for musicians in one spot including two new features, Playlists and Upcoming Events. It's a smart marketing move by WordPress and offers a strong argument for why you might want to start your WordPress experience at instead of taking a more complicated route via

Since the use of the brand name WordPress for both and is an ongoing source of confusion, I should note that is the hosted version that is similar to but not as open-ended as the downloadable version,, for which you need to find your own host. Most of the news you see featuring WordPress is about

Xzibit-wordpress-com Hosted at Using Custom Domain

Last week announced the launch of WordPress Music as a way to draw attention to their usefulness for musicians. According to the announcement, such features include:

In addition, offers a variety of both free and premium themes.

Though basic blogs are free, many of the above features require premium upgrades via the Store.

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  1. Good for you, bro. I’ve been watching sites go down due to SQL injections for years now. Just saw a guy with six music industry sites go down all at once.
    It was avoidable but it’s just one example of people having problems with WordPress.
    I had different problems but I saw enough to see what the average human would encounter. The kind of people that have problems with simpler systems and that’s who I’m addressing.
    As soon as someone starts having to explain how to set up a server or choose a good web host it’s all over for most musicians.
    But, again, I’m happy for you son.

  2. This isn’t one feature but a highlighting of features. Since, as I understand it, the development teams are separate, these features couldn’t simply be transferred over.
    That said, there are probably equivalents for a lot, if not all, of these features in the form of plugins by third party developments.
    Of course, part of the appeal of is all the other plugins and themes that are available that one can’t get at

  3. In addition, all those plugins and free themes include some that are security problems and that’s where runs into difficulties for folks that are learning things bit by bit as they go.

  4. I reckon it could be added into the next Jetpack plugin pack for .org accounts.
    There’s just been a big update for that, but with WordPress 3.5 just around the corner there’s a strong possibility.

  5. I’d signed up to WordPress for my band before the days of WordPress For Music so we could use it for blogging and the like. WordPress doesn’t let you delete blogs though – do you know if it’s possible to convert your profile to music profile?
    It may well be that you can implement all music features into an older site but I’m not too great with WP.

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